Is there a mismatch between your dreams and realities? Are there complexities around you such that you can’t find balance in your life?
Do you want clarity, direction and harmony in your life and career? Do you want practical tools that will make you more effective in what you do and turn your life around for the better?
Do you want to be a certified life coach and integrative practitioner? Want to be equipped with the tools to help others get unstuck and achieve their dreams?
Register now to experience two of the best interventions of the 21st century at our Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Combo Class from 24th June to 1st July, 2019.


N472,500 per participant
This covers class manuals, custom coaching tools, tea break, lunch and certification.
10% Earlybird Discounts end 10th June, take advantage of it.


This intensive 8-day COMBO Masterclass is unique to OLCA. It is highly practical and completely experiential. Participants will learn:
How to create well-Defined outcomes
How to create and build rapport
How to ask effective questions
How beliefs and Values affect our being and everything we do
The depths of Creative Thinking and Innovation
How to hold a more balanced perspective of life and also how to use empowering beliefs to achieve phenomenal results
To develop the skills for setting and achieving powerful – life changing – goals
The Art and Science of Personal and Organisational achievements and success
How to change limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs
How to Understand and Master their bodies and minds
How to eliminate stress and improve their health
How as business leaders and entrepreneurs they can increase their personal effectiveness and that of their workforce
How to build and maintain healthy, happy and successful relations (and homes)
How to communicate better as individuals – master the art and science of persuasion
Helps educators master the secrets of learning and motivating students to perform at their best
To understand and master human, relationship and marriage behaviours
To Understand the matrix of human behaviour and effect lasting (behaviour) change
How to deal with and overcome addictions
How to induce the states that drives superior performance and achievement

We have also designed the class to also include a one day Goal Setting Master class to help you fully understand the science, art, psychology and physiology of goal setting.


Email or call 08077077000 to sign up.

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