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April 5th - 11th 2019

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Class

To consistently succeed in life, work and business in Nigeria today and all over the world, you must have “game excellence”. If you are really interested and passionate about making a difference in your life - then our Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Class is for you.
There's not a single area of life that can't be dramatically improved by applying NLP skills: business, personal development, parenting, sales, leadership, teaching, training, coaching, management, and more.
A major outcome for all our students is to not just know NLP, but have the ability to live it and deploy it to achieve success. Everyone who’s attended our NLP class can testify to the transformation in life and career that they experience in the 7-Day class

Some of the Benefits include:
1. Attain personal effectiveness, self-mastery and consistent success
2. Master the art, science and psychology of rapport as a professional in PR, HR, Sales or Business
3. Attract and keep the right partner. Know to communicate and interact at a deep level with your partner
4. NLP enhances health and wellbeing. Learn how to create powerful coping strategies, eliminate fears, anxiety and phobias
5. NLP empowers sales people to tap into the psychology of the customer. With NLP, you can improve your negotiation skills
6. NLP helps business leaders increase their personal and workforce productivity and profitability
7. With NLP, every sales person is empowered to engage customers at a deep emotional level, with an understanding of their emotional drivers, buying strategies and motivation
8. HR professionals can leverage NLP to master interviews and use psychological markers to identify the best candidates. Pinpoint staff motivation drivers and consequently provoke optimum performance with relative ease
9. NLP helps leaders and aspiring leaders to master the art of leading and motivating high-functioning/performing teams
10. NLP is a great tool and intervention for parents to understand children's learning and development styles better and use them to help them improve their personal development and academic achievements.

N360,000 Course Fee
5% VAT applies for all certifications
10% early bird discount available till 31st March, 2019

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Saturdays 9:30am -10:00am