The pandemic hit and life as we know and had planned it was altered.
Plans were rudely changed, Projections were radically altered, Progression was abruptly truncated,Visions were changed, Dreams paused,Savings eroded.
The good news is - You are still alive! The pandemic didn’t leave you among the morbidity ratio. That means you have a chance!
A fighting chance! A winning chance! A chance to Start again and Start better! A chance to plan to recoup your losses and build on the opportunities opening up in the new season.
A chance to REDESIGN your life!Take this chance with us at Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy – in our Life Re – Design and Mapping Class.
We want to give you the chance to reconstruct your life and build again from the scratch.
In the course of this class, you would be exposed to time tested psychological tools and interventions that are specially designed to help you
to not just design a powerful life but also begin to create the neural pathways that will help you make that life your reality.
If you desire to design and live an immensely powerful life post COVID-19 then this Class if for you!

When you sign up for this course, you have access to:

8 Hours contact Class time with a Tutor
An assessment to help you understand why you Procrastinate
Audio and Video Materials on Designing a Powerful Life
One-on-one Coaching with a Certified Life Coach/ Psychotherapist

At the end of this experiential Life Re-Design & Mapping class, you will be able to, among other things:

Understand the patterns that get in your way to living the life you desires
Deconstruct your failure and success models
Elicit your failure and success models
Understand what primes your tendency to procrastinate
Learn to overcome procrastination
Learn to design a harmonious life across the 12 critical areas of life
Understand the psychology of Affirmations
Understand the psychology and Neuroscience of Goal Setting
Understand the psychology of Visualization
The power of Gratitude and Imaging

Program Timeframe

Online webinar Session


19th July 2020
7pm - 8pm




Email or call 08077077000

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