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Note from the Catalyst

Congratulations on taking the first step to success, you visited this site!
Thank you for extending your hand to building a better world with us, you are ready to build a better life and career and we are here to work with you. At the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy, we believe that Coaching and Behavioural Psychology are the most significant human interventions of the 21st century because of the innumerable, quick, tangible and long lasting benefits. This is what we practise, this is what we preach.The quality of your life is dependent on what you know and how you can apply this knowledge to your life.At the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy, we are extraordinary at what we do because it is beyond our jobs, we believe that it is our Calling, Passion, Vision and Essence.This is your chance to live a life filled with purpose.Let us help you be all that you desire and are created to be.

What We Do

OLCA provides you a unique opportunity to give meaning to your Career, Business, Relationships and Life through our various Bespoke Coaching Programs. Equipped with some of the World’s most effective coaching tools, such as the TGROW-Model, you will be able to set and consistently achieve all your individual, team and/or organizational Goals.



OLCA Coaching Limited is recognized as the first wholly coaching academy in West Africa with its Chief Catalyst acclaimed Africa’s foremost Life Coach and Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist, Lanre Olusola. Innovation, Thinking out-of-the box and Excellence are always guaranteed at OLCA.
Partnership, support and know-how are areas that distinguish coaching and cognitive behavioral psychology from other strategic interventions. With our people and growth focused programs, you will experience total turn around in all spheres.






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What Others Are Saying

Cornel Agwu O
Life Coach/ Accountant

Attending the Emotional Intelligence for Peak Performance Feb/March 2015 has done the following for me: Exposed me to my weaknesses & strengths and how to connect them to opportunities and maximize them; helped me to discover my essence of being; develop life skills in dealing with people and manage them better. I know to apply emotional intelligence in achieving my goals I am committing to celebrate 1 year of no negative emotional reaction such as anger& resentment by March 1 2016. I will always be calm and in control of my environment at all times.

Ade A. Adefemi
Peak Performance Coach

I thought I’d have to travel abroad to get a recognized certification until, I got to know about Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy. They were offering UKCertified & affiliated life coaching certification (NCFE) to be taught by Nigeria's foremost and revered Peak Performance& Life Coach, Lanre Olusola. Today, I am a respected and well sought after coach& facilitator. The classes were like sitting in a room of wonders at the same time being equipped with powerful tools to excel and help other do the same.

Ebele Nwankwo, Ph.D
Fmr. Head: Learning and Development, NSE

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) engaged the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy (OLCA) to train various categories of staff namely: Management team, Middle Level Managers, young Professionals and Graduate Trainees that commenced the career at The NSE. The courses include: Executive Coaching, Conflict Resolution and Emotional Intelligence.
They were also contacted to facilitate the 2013 Annual Retreat for all Staff. Their facilitation mode and feedback from the participants was very impressive and mind blowing. To navigate towards personal discovery and career development, OLCA will surely provide the steer.

Sam Obafemi
Behavioral Change Expert and Life Coach

My Wife has always said 'the turning point in my coaching career was the moment I stepped in OLCA'. I agree. It has been an audacious, risky yet fulfilling sojourn since I earned the coaching licence. Lanre always said 'we would earn 800% what we spent to earn the licence.' I am NOT sure that was an accurate estimation; because I have earned more than 1600% the value”

Diana Johnson
Team Management Partners Ltd

Lanre Olusola and his entire team are very professional, extremely versatile and have the extraordinary ability to effortlessly 'seep' through and capture people's attention in interactive motivational sessions. When restructuring businesses, they are thorough and completely focused on positive results.

Mary Mulenga Kazilimani (Zambia)
Self Mastery/Esteem Coach

My encounter with the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy and Life Coaching... was the beginning of the rest of my life. I now feel very fulfilled in the different areas of my life.

Dru Hill-Ghana

Lanre Olusola personifies the new wave of hope and change in Africa. His insightful inferences and mind stimulating presentations always left you yearning for more out of life.