I believe we are in a massive recession right now even though government is trying to down play it. We are living in times of greatest inflation in Nigeria, with inflation rates at Approximately 19% and a Naira devaluation rate of Approximately 42%. In the last one year international flight tickets have gone up by 241%; Domestic flights up 84%; Chicken prices up by 50%; Indomie costs have gone up by 71%; Garri up by 58%; School fees up by 44%; Diesel up 69%; Bus fares up by 57%; Electricity bills up by 46%; and the story continues ..... The oil and gas sector has been seriously hammered causing tremendous damage to the economy due to our dependency on oil. Things don't Seem like they're going to improve soon and for that reason it can't be business as usual To survive financially in this very trying times you must ensure that you don't make specific mistakes Here are a few money mistakes you can't afford to make in 2017. Kindly download, listen and Share Thank You.

You can read text/ebook on mistakes you should not make HERE