Neuro Linguistic Programming

"For Individuals on a quest for self-mastery, personal development, behavioural transformation and a passion to help others, OLCA as the leading holistic experiential coaching and therapy academy in Nigeria will deploy interventions; thereby transforming the lives of every client."





NLP is a phenomenal mind/body connection tool that helps you gain mastery over your thoughts, self-worth/confidence, emotions, beliefs, work, business and life. A psychological intervention that is steeped in mind mastery and behavioural modification is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This intervention takes life inquiries to a deeper level. It allows people access the core of their being and effect changes at the neural level. It helps them understand the mind-body relationship so they can begin to take charge of their lives irrespective of their circumstance. .

With NLP,
You see through to the motivations behind people’s behaviours.
You understand the basis of human behaviour and the various thinking styles that people hold.
You understand how to communicate on a deeper level and as well manage your relationships effectively.

Of all the life mastery tools and interventions, NLP holds a place of pre-eminence. If you need to seize back the reins of your Life and master your inner space to a point where you can always call forth the right response to all of life’s circumstances, then NLP is one psychological tool you need get practical knowledge on. All forms of mastery begin with understanding behavior. And to understand behavior you need to first understand how the human mind works. How it is programmed to function. Because behavior is always a product of programming. To rise in these challenging times, you will need to develop mental, emotional capacities. The real frontiers for progress and success in these times is in the human mind.

If your most pressing personal and professional progress needs include:
To get insight into the workings of the human mind
To get a sneak peek into how behaviours are formed, extinguished and modified
Knowing how to 10x your personal and professional performance.
Knowing how to optimize your potentials and do more with what you currently have.

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